Your diet is the major resource for your overall health and the “thing” that supplements are completing; supporting a deficiency within; or reinforcing and making whole.

Making dietary changes takes time and often our body needs the added support of supplementation of nutrients in which one is deficient due to factors of disease or illness, farming practices, toxicity, lifestyle etc.

In general supplements should not be looked at as the only way a body receives a nutrient, but as a support for the body’s systems to function fully and possibly heal and adapt to function reducing or eliminating the need for the added supplements in time.

Caution should be used as often supplements contain ingredients which may irritate an already inflamed and damaged gut lining and interfere with the healing process.  Also many supplements contain synthetic forms which are often unrecognized by the body.

Just as diets are individualized so too is supplementation.  There is no one supplementation protocol to fit all just.   Some of the essential supplements needed by many with digestive disorders include the following:

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