Whole Health Consultation

If you have the desire to reclaim your bodies healing power, we will start this journey with a one-on-one, in-depth nutritional consultations lasting one to two hours. Consultations are provided in person or by telephone at client’s request.   As your whole health consultant we will be partners in examining your health concerns and guiding you to understand how the choices you make in all areas of your life are either promoting or depleting your health. Renee’s role is to share her knowledge and to enlighten and empower you to reconnect to your inherent wisdom and comprehend the many ways to create vitality, long life, freedom from disease and joy.
You are in charge of the consultation. Renee is the facilitator. The consultation will take the path you choose, and the choice is yours to make. By defining your goals and health concerns, we will partner together to provide you with knowledge and resources that allow you to Renew your health.
Schedule an appointment by email or phone.