Norwex stands for the “Norwegian Experience”     we teach people how to clean with just water.

Save Time, Money, Health, Enviroment

What did Grandma use to clean? Probably baking soda, vinegar and water. We can still get by with using those products, but technology has brought us something even simpler – Microfibers.

Already have microfiber cloths at home?

What the difference is between microfiber cloths at the store and Norwex microfibers?Testimonials Mannelly

That is a good question.

Like many things in life, there is a spectrum. The standard to be considered a microfiber cloth is 1/6 of a human hair in fiber size. Which is pretty finite and that’s why many people are using microfiber cloths in their cars, tv’s etc.. The ones from the store cost less, and are good for around 25 washings..what happens is because the fibers are spread further apart they start to lay flat, don’t pick up as well, things get stuck in them. They can get stinky.

On the other end of spectrum Norwex Microfibers are 1/200 of a human hair. At that level you are picking up everything into the cloth. Elements are picked up and pulled into the cloth, away from the surface. They are also built with a special triangular weave to lock it all in. You get the cloth totally wet, wring it out so it’s damp and clean, clean, clean. As you clean you can rinse and wring it out, then keep cleaning. The cloth will hold 7 times it’s weight in water and debris.

Another big different with Norwex vs. standard microfibers is that Norwex has added silver to our cloths.

Why they would do that?

Microsilver is naturally antibacterial. We knew this in the past as wealthy families would have their children suck on a silver spoon to cut down on the amount of germs their kids were ingesting; Kings and Queens used silverware, silver platters, silver spoons kept food fresher longer; Settlers crossing west would put coins into their vats of water to keep their water fresh. We do continue to use it today. The Medical community uses it all the time. Silver for burns, IVs and catheters lined with silver, silver nitrate in babies eyes, adding silver to the wound before stitching up patients.Testimonials- Edie

Doctors and Scientists in Sweden about 16 years ago were looking at cleaning in the hospital setting, they were not wanting to create superbugs such as SARS, Staph, MRSA.  They wondered…”instead of spraying..what if we could devise a way to clean a surface and pick up everything in its path. So the surface is really CLEAN, and then the contaminate can be disposed of elsewhere.”  So they invented Norwex microfiber cloths with microsilver.

Now you can clean with just Norwex Microfibers and water.  No more sprays and chemicals needed.  

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