Local Food

What we eat daily is such a vital component of our overall well-being.  Foods which are minimally processed are key.  Organic produce helps reduce toxic exposure.  (See environmental working groups for  a listing of the produce with highest and lowest amounts of toxins.)  Pastured meats from animals raised without antibiotics are also beneficial and taste great too.  Finding these types of foods may seem daunting. 

Maintaining a list of local food sources is the main purpose of Weston A. Price Foundation Chapters.  As the chapter leader for the Northwest Cook County suburbs, I maintain a list of food sources available here:


Other Weston Price groups in the Chicagoland area

http://chapters.westonaprice.org/chicago/ Chicago WAPF Chapter

www.traditionalnutrition.org Elgin Group

www.foundationforrealnutrition.org  Downers Grove

Recommended Sites






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