The GAPS™ diet is a healing protocol based upon the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  GAPS™ provides additional guidelines for supporting the healing and sealing of the digestive system to bring about physical and mental health. The GAPS™ protocol also focuses on detoxification and restoring the immune system to bring about wellness naturally. 

  • Your gut serves as your second brain, and even produces more serotonin—known to have a beneficial influence on your mood—than your brain does. It is also home to countless bacteria, both good and bad. These bacteria outnumber the cells in your body by at least 10 to one, and maintaining the ideal balance of good and bad bacteria forms the foundation for good health—physical, mental and emotional.
  • Most disease originates in your digestive system. This includes both physical and mental disease. Once you heal and seal your gut lining, and make your digestive system work properly again, disease symptoms will typically resolve
  • The GAPS protocol is designed to restore the integrity of your gut lining by providing your body with the necessary building blocks needed for healthy enterocyte reproduction, and restoring balance to your gut flora. Basic dietary details are included

 GAPS™ stands for:

Gut and Psychology Syndrome or Gut and Physiology Syndrome

Gut & Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) overview from Renee on Vimeo.

 GAP Syndrome or GAPS establishes a connection between the state of the gut and the health of the rest of the body.  This connection  between the functions of the digestive system, the brain and the immune system has been known for a very long time.  Want to learn more about GAPS healing protocol? Listen to Dr. Mercola interview Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride here.

The digestive system holds the roots of our health – it is the soil which generates our state of health.  GAPS Nutritional program involves not only a radical change in diet, but it is a whole lifestyle change.  Doing this program on your own can be difficult, over-whelming and time-consuming.  As a Certified GAPS Practitioner Renee has not only trained with Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, but also uses the GAPS program personally.

This site offers

GAPS Consultations to provide guidance in navigating and implementing the introductions stages of the GAPS diet and what to expect during the process.

GAPSCONNECTIONSa support network and information site for people following the GAPS™  protocol created by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride.  Our goal is to increase community awareness of Dr. Campbell-McBride’s nutrition protocol and provide support to people aiming to restore digestive health through good nutrition.

To learn about Gut and Psychology Syndrome, how it develops and how to treat it effectively with a sound nutritional protocol please read Dr Campbell-McBride’s book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  Natural treatment for autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression and schizophrenia.” or listen to Dr. Mercola interview Dr. Campbell-McBride here.

GAPS™ and Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ are the trademark and copyright of Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. 

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