Essential Oils

What are Essential oils?  The essential oil is the part of the plant that helps the body heal when we use plants as medicine. They have been called the life-blood of a plant.  A simple comparison of the plant and the human body shows us a precise similarity, as both the oil and the blood are the transporters of the fundamental nutrients necessary to feed and nurture the cells.

How do we use oils every day? We can smell them, diffuse them,  put them on topically, take them orally as a supplement, put them in bath water, and we can even cook with them.  Oils may be used as a cologne, for first aid and in massage.  When applied to the body by rubbing on the feet, essential oils will travel throughout the body and affect every cell within 20 minutes. They may have a lasting effect for as long as five months from only one application. The oils do not build up and store in the body because they are very subtle and volatile and have a high evaporation rate. Because of their chemical structure, they are metabolized like other nutrients in the cells.

Why use essential oils? Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-depressant, immune supporting, and regenerative.  Man has used oils throughout history and these traditions can be carried on today.  By simply inhaling therapeutic grade oils, we can uplift our mood and increase our feeling of peacefulness and well-being.  Essential oils seem to be especially supportive to ease pain and depression, reduce degeneration and illness, and relieve stress.  They are powerful and yet gentle, non-toxic, safe to use for children and pets, and hopefully they are the medicine of the future.

Whose Oils to use?  Today when using essential oils as a natural support to health and wellness, purity is absolutely crucial.  Since 95% of the world’s essential oils are created for industrial use, many of the oils found on the market are of low quality.  Young Living Essential Oils is a company dedicated to producing the finest quality essential oils in the world, supporting health and wellness at all levels.