NANP Board Certification

NationalWhat does a Nutrition Professional do?

In the areas of nutrition and lifestyle, a Nutrition Professional can advise, counsel, coordinate, educate, guide, inform, suggest and support.

A Nutrition Professional will research and access current nutrition information in order to implement positive behavior modification plans and to improve an individual’s nutrition patterns.

Who benefits from the services of a Nutrition Professional?

An Individual, family or group who

  • Wants to be involved in promoting personal good health or the health of others
  • Recognizes that improving personal lifestyle is important to raising personal health levels
  • Wants to feel well, experience increased energy and improve overall health
  • Wants the freedom to seek quality care that can result in high-level wellness; the kind of care that will sustain productivity
    and the quality of life into the later years
  • Desires more that today’s standard level of health under attack from pollution, stress, denatured food, toxins and other variables
  • Is more interested in dealing with causes than effects and with the overall person, rather than specific parts or areas
  • Is willing to change unhealthy aspects of lifestyle in order to achieve improved health goals
  • Seeks health care that involves preventative, non-invasive, individual oriented principle and techniques.

What can a Nutrition Professional do for you?

Develop a comprehensive nutrition profiles, including nutrition lifestyle goals.  The Nutrition Professional assists an individual in developing a comprehensive, confidential nutritional analysis.  Specialized training enables the Nutrition Professional to ask pertinent questions necessary for defining personal health goals and providing customized nutrition programs.

Analyze current nutritional status and lifestyle behavior patterns.  There are many aspects involved in an individual’s nutritional status.
Analysis of these components in conjunction with personal objective, current lifestyle, and environmental factors by a trained Nutrition Professional
provides a major benefit toward achieving an individual’s health goals.

Identify weaknesses and recommend improvement.  The Nutrition Professional’s objective is to help design a strategy for overcoming the weaknesses in a person’s present health program and to provide specific recommendations to assist in the achievement of improved health objectives.

Coordinate the implementation of your plan.  Any nutritional program, no matter how impressive or well designed, is worthless until it is implemented.  The true talent of the Nutrition Professional is seeing that all the elements of your program are put into effect and successfully carried out.  The nutritional Professional is also responsible for coordinating the works of specialists.