Unplugged –


Ah, Summertime!  A warm and active time, it seems to me to be a good time to unplug from the madness of the world and connect with the earth.  It is a time to be outside, whether you are simply sitting in the sun or enjoying the cool shade, gardening, hiking, biking, swimming.  A time to be out in touch with nature.  Barefoot and feeling the grass beneath your toes.  I have a favorite mossy spot under the birch trees by the lake up north where I like to stand and feel the soft cool cushion of the earth.


Actually, where we go in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is an anomaly in the fact that there is no cellular service at the cabin.  Now if we go down the road toward town for about 15 minutes things connect, but at the lake – no service.  No cell tower, no wifi (there is satellite)– a definite reduction in the energetic noise to which we are exposed regularly.  Every trip to the lake is always relaxing and refreshing.  I know the change in environment is key as well as the fresh woodsy air, the energy by the water, and all the other beautiful things, but the lack of man-made energetic frequencies are a factor.

cell tower

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with this energetic noise.  I love the internet and how we can use our friends Google and YouTube to find anything at anytime; email is such a great way to keep up on the latest info as well as share what is happening; Skype, MeetUp, Facebook you name it– we can connect in countless ways, often instantly.  That said, there truly is no replacement for time spent face to face, or with a good book or a hobby, and away from the glow and the buzz of electronics.  The hate part for me comes in with the energetic effects of the constant buzz, the flicker and glow which when suffering a migraine makes one want to just stab oneself in the eye and/or crawl in a dark hole.  The constant contact and influx of information, the overwhelming amount of things that can fill our time–this all adds yet another factor of life in which to find a healthy balance.

This documentary, Resonance – Beings of Frequency, shares  the biological effects of man-made electromagnetic energy in our environment.   

While migraines  used to be a regular occurrence and I could count the days I didn’t have one on one hand – that has now reversed to counting the days I do have a migraine on one hand.  This is due to my efforts in managing my health and environment.  Diet and lifestyle choices are critical factors in maintaining your greatest health and are something under your direct, conscious control.  The environmental factors like the man-made energetic frequencies are not as controllable.  The epidemic rise in health issues, with the latest generation named generation Rx,  demonstrates the effects of the assault of he man-made processes and frequencies on well-being.  To take back your health, it pays to manage those factors you can control.  If you have made positive changes and still have not experienced healing perhaps you need to look into ways of reducing the EMF factors in your environment.summer

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