If you missed the 21 day Mantra  Meditation Journey with Deva Primal and Miten you may go here and view all the mantras with their meanings.

To enjoy the full 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey (including the daily Mantras) please click hereom

To download the complete “Into the Heart of Mantra” program please click here

This experience was truly enlightening.  Personally I enjoy the feel of mantras and don’t always know the meanings behind them.  As Sanskrit is an energetic language it is the energy of the sounds which is so powerful – the meaning comes from the feeling.  I admit it did help to hold a definition in mind along with the feeling.  Knowing the meanings also explained why I am drawn to different mantras at different times.

instrument tuningDeva Primal stated that the use of mantra is like tuning and instrument.  You are the instrument.  Are you in tune?  Take time each day to tune in.  A mere 15 minutes is what this journey entailed.  You may also take 2 minutes when transitioning from one focus to another to sit and internalize a mantra.

“Mantra is a word that is thousands of years old. It means projection (tra) of the mind (man). Mantra is the way we project our mind to Divinity.”  Snatam Kaur  

Keeping mantra on our mind – we keep on the path to reaching our Divinity.  It is the simple things done with discipline which make the biggest impact in the end.

As Snatam Kaur states:

Mantra, well, sorry folks, mantra is kind of boring. It is that kind of boring, boring, boring, boring a hole into your heart so that your light can finally shine through you. It takes time, it takes patience, it takes consistency, it takes prioritization.

Can you find a few minutes each day to tune in and align with your inner light and let your truth and Divinity shine?

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit – Give mantra a try for 21 days.

Sat Nam (the truth within you)

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