HealThy Mouth World Summit

Weston price & book Dr. Weston Price was a dentist and studied and wrote about how the Teeth Tell the Tale of our general health. Continue this exploration – Come join this FREE online event, the HealThy Mouth World Summit (HMWS) January 13 – 20th, 2013.  The HMWS is a free online event where you can watch and listen to expert presentations all focused toward how to create greater oral health.

After all, we all have mouths AND most of us have something going on with our mouths that we aren’t thrilled about. Whether you are dealing with tooth decay, bleeding gums, or have ‘questionable’ dental restorations like root canals or crowns, we all have something going on in our mouths that we would like to see healthier.

Well, this is an opportunity to listen to the solutions from the leading experts from 6 countries around the world in the fields of:

  • biological dentistry
  • nutrition as it relates to oral health
  • along with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and acclaimed authors.

They even have ‘in the trenches’ moms who have applied these healing ideas in their own homes and we get to hear what worked and what didn’t for them and their children!

Each day for a week, we will be able to watch and listen to 3 expert presentations all focused toward solutions how to navigate to greater oral health. So, over the course of the week, we’ll hear from 21 expert presentations!

Here are just a few of the questions the summit will cover:

  • How to raise cavity free kidsteeth
  • What to do about old dental issues like mercury fillings, crowns, root canals, etc.
  • What materials are the safest for dental fillings
  • The safest protocol to have mercury fillings removed
  • How to determine if a filling material is biocompatible with your immune system
  • The foods to eat (and not eat) to create optimal oral health
  • The TRUTH about mercury and fluoride How to keep your teeth AND your health for life!
  • What to do about common issues like tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath
  • How to safely detox mercury from the body
  • The questions to ask a dentist to discern if they are really suited to help your family and on and on…

I encourage anyone with any oral issues to sign up for this FREE online event!

You can sign up here

I’ll see you at the summit!

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