Have You had a Norwex Experience?

I had heard about this product last spring where you can clean with just these cloths and water – no sprays, no chemicals, no residue, no dirt.  After a bathroom update with many shiny flat chrome surfaces as well as a 40″ mirror, I needed a simple way to keep this all looking like new.    Enter Norwex Enviro & Polish clothes.  Watch a short demo below

I have been using the clothes and the cleaning paste exclusively since the summer.  Now I cannot help but want to share these great products with others.

Can’t wait to learn more?    View a virtual event here.  Please Contact me with any questions or orders or go to my Norwex website.

View products & information online at or download a PDF 2013 Catalog

NORWEX  – a great way to detoxify your environment by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care & cleaning

  •  Decrease cleaning time
  •  Breathe easier and reduce risk of poisoning & disease by cleaning without chemicals
  •  Reduce allergens and dust mites in your home
  •  Save money by reducing the consumption of chemical cleaners & disposable products by 90%
  •  Replace the majority of your household cleaners with just one cloth & water..…the Enviro Cloth

Help save the environment by eliminating waste. Host a dramatic demonstrations and learn about how you can make changes for your family.

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