Thieves you want

There are times when I really need a good thief!  Thieves can be beneficial, as sometimes there are things you just want someone to come in and take away.  Thieves, a blend of oils created by Young Living Essential Oils, is just the thief you need.  The history of this blend is derived from the story of the Four Thieves of Marseilles who were able to steal from the dead and the dying during the plagues by using a blend of herbs to protect themselves.

The classic definition of a thief is:


Imagine having thieves take things we want to be rid off.  This is one way to look at how the Thieves blend protects you from disease and plagues – it takes away the bad bugs, allowing the good to flourish and true health to rebuild.  These past few months I have used Thieves to take away other unwanted substances from my body.  Things my family and I have had “stolen” from us by Thieves oil include:

  • Bruises
  • Splinters
  • Bad odors
  • Sore Throat
  • Fever
  • Bad bugs from cough, flu, colds.

Young Living offers Thieves in many useful products.  Find the one’s which fit your lifestyle.

Thieve Oil Blend is the most versatile as you can put this into capsules for internal use, mix in vinegar for a cleaner, use topically for bruises and splinters and aromatically for odors and to purify the air.

Thieves Household Cleaner is wonderful to use all around the house.  I keep a spray bottle with in my kitchen and bathroom.  It is wonderful at removing sticky items and grease.

Thieves Oral Care products are a wonderful natural way to maintain oral health, but also have versatile uses.  I personally use the Dentarome Plus toothpaste as my daily deodorant.  As an unexpected bonus, the use of this helped remove a skin tag.

Thieves Bar Soap I use this as a stain remover in the laundry, a great pre-treatment.

Inner Defense is a premade capsule with Thieves, oregano & Thyme oils.  Use as a natural antibiotic, with flu, fever and colds.  We have used this multiple times in lieu of an antibiotic prescription both pre- and post- surgically with great success.

I have heard of individuals buying the individual oil components and mixing a large batch of the Thieves blend to use for health and home applications.  The Young Living line of Thieves products offers a high quality, easy way to experience the benefits of this therapeutic and versatile blend.  Have these Thieves on hand, to steal the nasties from your home and body next time they try to invade.

Have you used Thieves Oil?  Share your story below!

2 Comments on “Thieves you want”

  1. cbynum says:

    I always have a bottle of Thieves essential oil and a bottle of Inner Defense in my medicine cabinet.

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