Fresh Scents for Spring

Get Thieves Cleaner, Lemon, and Purification FREE!

Jump-start your spring cleaning with Young Livings April promotion. Place a single order of 180 PV or more from April 1–30 and receive a Thieves® Household Cleaner, Purification® essential oil blend, and lemon essential oil absolutely free—a retail value of $65.47!

Thieves Household Cleaner: While bacteria and mold can be dangerous, some industrial cleaners pose an even larger threat to your health. Thieves Household Cleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable, all-purpose concentrate that uses essential oils as emulsifiers and germ killers.Purification: Containing lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, myrtle, and citronella, Purification can be used to instantly deodorize and neutralize the air. Diffuse to remove unpleasant odors or to keep indoor air smelling fresh and clean. This also works great as a natural insect repellent.  Lemon: This versatile essential oil is also an amazing multipurpose natural cleanser. It works to shine and protect wood, remove hard water stains, and emulsify grease. Add a few drops to your Thieves cleaner bottle for an extra boost and fantastic aroma. The scent is uplifting to your emotions and spirit



10% Off Joy

Celebrate spring! From April 1–30, receive 10% off Joy™ essential oil blend. Joy helps you exude magnetic energy, brings happiness to the mind and body, and inspires romance.

  • Diffuse Joy and enjoy its beautiful aroma throughout your home.
  • Put one to two drops of Joy on a wet cloth and put in clothes dryer.
  • Dilute Joy with V-6 Vegetable Oil and wear as a stimulating perfume.

Promotional Pricing: Wholesale $34.65 / Retail $45.59 / PV 34.65

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