Are You Ready for the Sunshine?

This warm sunny 80 degree weather in March has been such a wonderful gift.  It is lovely to let the sun shine on your flesh which has been covered and hidden for the winter months.  I am reminded of an incident which occurred last spring. Which leads me to ask   Is your essential oil kit ready for the sun?

I often use essential oils topically to help with various issues.  Last spring I was using the blend Joy on my feet to support my adrenals – tapping a drop on the base of my little toe each morning. 

I continued this practice while up at the lake over Memorial Day weekend.  I sat out enjoying the warm sun on my skin and was barefoot.  What I had not thought about was the fact that the blend Joy contains citrus oils: bergamot and lemon

Citrus oils coming from the rind of the fruit are photosensitive – they draw the sun to them ideally to ripen the fruit, but on one’s flesh this can cause a rash or pigmentation.  Needless to say, I had some odd-looking dark patches on my feet.  I made the connection to the citrus in the Joy oil I had used prior to being in the sun.  This year I am taking note and want to remind others to do the same.   If you have developed a habit of using oils which may cause a photosensitive reaction; take note when and where you use them now that warm weather has arrived and you may be baring your skin to the elements.  Use them at night so there is at least 10 – 12 hours after application before possible sun exposure. 

If you happen to get a dark patch from a photosensitive oil, this can be undone.  Blue Cypress oil will remove the discoloration over time.  This single oil can be found in the blends Australian Blue and Brain Power

The following Young Living oils are listed in the Reference Guide for Essential Oils as having a photosensitive caution:

Single Oils: 








Orange, Ruta (Rue)

Oil Blends:

Citrus Fresh


 Common Sense

 Dream Catcher




Peace & Calming


White Angelica

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