Does your meat contain “Pink slime”?  Pink Slime is  beef trimmings heated, spun and sprayed with ammonia to kill bacteria and made “safe to eat” is added to most ground beef as a cheaper filler. Yum.  Read more here and watch the video.

Want to know the source of your meat?  There are many options for receiving pasture raised meats in the Northwest Suburbs.   Find out your options by attending the

2nd Annual CSA Expo  – March 23rd

to meet your meat source! (and vegetable, fruit, beans, diary and more!)  We have over 20 farm/coops represented at the expo.  There are raffles of many of the farm fresh products ranging from raw honey, sauerkraut, apple butter, ham, beef, eggs CSA trials and more!

We will also be screening the movie


to raise awareness of the costs of food not only in dollars, but also in

  • nutrients
  • health issues
  • environment
  • and more.

We will have a discussion panel following the movie with the distinguished panel:

  • Max Kane – Food Choice Activist
  • Wes King –  Illinois Stewardship Alliance member
  • Allan Sexton – Farmer, veterinarian

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