Abundance and Common Sense – Get Yours Free this March

Receive  Free  Abundance & Common Sense Essential Oil Blends free with each Young Living order of $190 PV or more March 1-31, 2012

Common Sense Essential Oil comprised of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Ocotea, Dorado Azul & Lime Essential Oils supports & strengthens brain wave patterns necessary for logical thinking, reasoning & decision making abilities by increasing mental acuity & cognitive stamina.

Inhaling Common Sense keeps us calm with increased ability to maintain focus during stressful times, counteracting tendencies to shut down, preventing overwhelm & anxiety

Wear and diffuse everyday for improved focus & memory, accurate recall & improved performance with significant lowered reactions to stress.


Abundance Oil was created to enhance the frequency of the harmonic magnetic energy field that surrounds us. Abundance Oil creates what is called “the law of attraction,” which refers to what we attract to ourselves. When focusing on desires of abundance, and inhaling this oil, the fragrance influences a memory link to the RNA template. The memory is blueprinted and  then passed to & stored in the DNA memory bank. Every time you smell Abundance Oil the mental energy for attracting abundance is established. The frequency of this blend creates a harmonic magnetic energy field around oneself.

The 8 oils in this blend are created to enhance & sustain the frequency of abundance.

Myrrh – excellent anti-microbial & anti-infectious oil. Outstanding for all skin conditions. Also researched for its anti-cancer producing results. High in sesquiterpenes, Myrrh has a prolific effect on multiple aspects of our  brain. Eastern cultures used Myrrh for centuries enhancing feeling spiritually  connected & euphoric. Legends say Myrrh possess the frequency of wealth & was highly sought after in trade. Myrrh is also a fixative elongating the effectiveness of other oils, applied at the same time.

Cinnamon Bark – considered in China & India to attract wealth to whomever possessed it. Cinnamon Bark Oil had great value due to all its health sustaining abilities & only the wealthy could obtain it.

Frankincense has proven to have the profound effects on HGH receptivity (human growth hormone). Excellent for relieving depression & other emotional imbalances. A necessary oil to keep us connected spiritually.

Patchouli – legends indicate Patchouli represented money & those who possessed it were considered to have the ability to attract/maintain wealth.

Orange – contains limonene an antitumoral & anti-viral compound & citrol – an anti-bacterial compound preventing growth of bacteria, stopping free radical damage & enhances absorption of vitamin C. Expressed from the rind, Orange also has a positive effect on our mind & emotions elevating us to experience joy & happiness. In alchemy one of the components necessary to attract & maintain wealth is the ability to experience joy daily.

Clove – often associated with extreme abundance by the people honoring ancient oriental traditions. The fragrance influences feelings of wealth & strength. Clove measures approx 10,800,000 having the highest rating on the FDA’s ORAC scale, more than any other substance organic or otherwise.  Clove Oil is the most powerful anti-oxidant on the planet!

Ginger – an excellent all over body tonic with gentle yet stimulating  effects on everything from digestion to impotence.

Spruce – assists us in opening & releasing emotional blocks, creates a  feeling of balance and grounding. Native American traditions consider Spruce to possess the frequency of prosperity.

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