A Gut Check for Many Ailments

The January 17th Wall Street Journal A Gut Check for Many Ailments states ” What you think is going on in your head may be caused in part by what’s happening in your gut.   A growing body of research shows the gut affects bodily functions far beyond digestion.”

The Body’s Other Mind

 •The enteric nervous system, or ‘gut brain,’ can operate independently of the brain.

•Neurons in the gut produce neurotransmitters also found in the brain, such as serotonin.

•Disruptions to beneficial gut bacteria may affect mood.

•Neurotransmitters made in the gut help control the formation of bone.

•Stimulating gut neurons may help treat obesity and diabetes.                

 Source: WSJ reporting

The make up of microbes in our gut effect our health and moods more than we may realize.  Serotonin is a major factor in creating emotions, experiencing joy, having good sleep and more. 95% of serotonin is made in the gut – a healthy gut.  The health of the gut is greatly effected by your diet and lifestyle choices.

A healthy gut depends upon the cells of the intestinal walls – called enterocytes.  Enterocytes perform the major functions of digesting  and absorbing your food and their well-being is maintained by the microbes within or the gut biome.  The process of constant renewal of enterocytes is ruled by the bacteria within.  Without the beneficial bacteria the enterocytes cannot perform their duties.  Animal studies have shown that without beneficial bacteria enterocytes change their shape and lifespan and can become cancerous.  Learn how you can maintain beneficial bacteria within creating a healthy gut biome following GAPS Protocol.  Come to our GAPS Connections group or schedule your personal consultation here.

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