Join us for an afternoon workshop that will empower you to have at least a basic understanding of how to decode & interpret ‘standard of care’ blood test results, such as: the Chemistry panel, which some labs call the Comprehensive Metabolic Panel or CMP, the Lipid Panel, and the Complete Blood Count or CBC, with differential. If time allows, attention will also be given to some very valuable blood chemistry factors that are not typically done on ‘standard of care’ blood tests.

 Lead by: *Jim Marlowe, Nutrition & Health Counselor*

When:  Saturday April 7th, 2012 1:00pm – 5:00 pm

Where: Hendrickson Room (south side) in the Arlington Heights Memorial Library

 Cost:  only $25

 Please RSVPwapfnwchicagosuburbs@gmail.com or call Renee Renz at 224-244-7369

After you have gone through the process of having a significant amount of your precious blood drawn and then analyzed by a lab, for the purpose of generating test results, have you wound up feeling disappointed and/or frustrated because one of the following happened:

1)      You make an appointment with your doctor to find out about your blood test and he spends a minute or less looking at your results and without any explanation of your labs, he hands you a copy of your results and says “you’re fine”.

2)      Same as above, except the doctor doesn’t give you or even show you a copy of your lab results.

3)      You get a call from your doctor’s office with the message that “everything on your blood test is normal” and they don’t send you a copy of your results.

4)      you don’t get a call from your doctor’s office about your test results but you do get a copy of your results and you’re concerned when you see that one or more of your labs are outside of the ‘reference range’.

5)      After having your blood drawn for testing, you don’t even hear from your doctor’s office and so you assume “that everything must have been ‘normal’ or they would have called me”.

If you would like to be able to ‘read’ your own blood test results, and in the process, reduce your dependence on your doctor.

Then mark your calendar April 7th 2012  for this workshop on:


 If you have any recent, or not so recent, blood tests results, be sure to bring them with you because Jim will definitely help you to better understand them!

 Jim Marlowe has been studying nutrition and the other fundamentals of health for 34 years.  He has been doing nutrition and health counseling, on a professional level, for 26 years.  In the early 90’s, he began to learn about the value of certain blood chemistry factors that are typically found on standard blood test.  Eleven years ago, while working as the chief nutritionist at 2 different medical clinics, Jim began an in depth study of all the most commonly done blood chemistry & blood cell factors that can be found on blood test.  Over the past 11 years, Jim’s experience of carefully evaluating thousands of blood test results, together with his knowledge of nutritional biochemistry, has helped him to develop a unique way of using blood test results as a tool for investigating the workings of a person’s metabolism that goes well beyond the issue of whether or not your lab results are in the ‘reference range’.  Jim has helped his own clients, as well as the patients of many doctors, and even the doctors themselves, to better understand what blood test results are really indicating or suggesting.   Jim currently has his own nutrition and health counseling practice, but he also works in close association with Dr. Lina Garcia, who is a holistic dentist, and Dr. Joe Grasso, who is a holistic osteopathic physician.  Jim has much experience teaching people how to use their ‘food as their medicine’, to strengthen themselves where they are metabolically weak and to balance themselves where they are metabolically out of balance.  Jim faithfully practices what he teaches about eating and living healthy and will continue to study blood chemistry, nutrition and the other fundamentals of health for as long as he rides this planet around that star we call the Sun.

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