Flouride Action Alert

The Journal of Natural Food and Health is offering new flyers on fluoride dangers at no cost.

This is a simple but powerful flyer enables us to quickly educate others on the real dangers of artificial fluoridation of drinking water while spread the message of real food and health freedom—all in one flyer.

Why is this so important now? Forty-one percent of teens are now overdosing on fluoride and have permanent white or brown spots on their teeth, according to the CDC, and other health effects. Despite this shocking statistic, the dental industry, public health agencies and their non-profit partners are spending tens of millions of dollars for grants to install fluoridation systems and to launch massive public relations campaigns promoting water fluoridation based on false science.

These flyers can be handed out at chapter meetings and events, stores and coops, health fairs, farmers markets, work, schools, and churches. Many doctors, dentists and other health practitioners are handing them out to their patients and at seminars. The flyer gives the link back to Your Local Fluoride-free Campaign home page so that anyone getting a flyer can print more.

Take action now and print the flyers here: Who knows?—those who get this message could become a local Factivist and spread the message of food and health freedom. Begin by sharing this Fluoride Action Alert  It is huge fun!

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