How to Cook Real Food: Cultured Dairy Foods

This sneak preview covers how to prepare homemade cultured dairy foods on the cheap: yogurt, milk kefir and yogurt cheese. For cooks who are new to cooking real food, often these traditional cultured dairy foods seem to be an elusive challenge, but preparing them in your own kitchen is quite easy. With minimal effort and just a little time, you can prepare milk kefirs and homemade yogurts that are better for you and cost less than store bought versions. There is increased nutritional value in these different probiotic forms of raw milk: kefir, yogurt, and whey. Each type of milk contains highly absorbable calcium and good bacteria for health and vitality. Absorbable calcium from food is good for your teeth and bones.

 Go to Jenny’s Nourished Kitchen FREE easy to follow milk fermentation lessons. There are four FREE videos.

  1.  How to make kefir
  2. How to make whey
  3. How to make yogurt
  4. How to make farm cheese

 If you have not tried making any of these at home, you are missing out on the joy of healthy food.

Do you need more help with healthy cooking?

If you are struggling with how to change your diet or how to cook healthy food such as the food described in “Nourishing Traditions” there is a solution. Jenny is offering a detailed cooking course with videos and 100 recipes. I am sharing this because I know that some of you will really enjoy this opportunity.

You can learn more about the course (which costs money) here

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