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Reclaim your body’s healing power

Your body wants to be the best it can be, but it is limited by the resources we provide – food, thoughts, patterns and movement.  True health means finding the cause of dis-ease and learning how to best support your body to naturally heal rather than searching for a quick fix to allow you to cope with symptoms.

Be honored and acknowledged as the one responsible for your health.  Find a guide who allows your journey and supports your path. Know that you are not alone and there are like-minded individuals and methods which resonate within for your greatest self.

 Your best physician is you
The medical profession is your consultant
If the above is forgotten, you are the one in trouble – Dr. Bruce Rind posts in every treatment room

Do you have a health issue, but know that doing any procedures or taking pills will just band-aid the issue, but not really solve it?

Do you believe in the body’s innate ability to heal?

Do you want to take responsibility for your own health but aren’t sure where to begin?

Reconnect with your inherent wisdom

Natural healing was the wisdom of the ages but these ways have fallen out of fashion and we have forgotten these tools.  Today it is normal for toddlers to be on medications for asthma, teenagers to have acne, women to have monthly aches and cravings and menopause must include hot flashes and other uncomfortable symptoms.  Together we can create a new normal – one full of vitality, health and wholeness.

As a product of the fast food nation with a mother who thought following a recipe was hard, I have found my way back to the nourishing traditions.  I know what it is like to follow the crowd and live in constant pain, but I can show you another path which leads to a new normal.

Renew your health 

Everything you put on and in your body through eating, drinking, breathing, bathing and beauty care has an effect on your body’s functions. There is no one cure-all.  The synergy creates the dance that you experience. Small changes can create big impacts as each day begins a new journey. Let today be the day you start on the path to wholeness. I can help you learn to listen to the fabulous body you have to find the source of your imbalance to make the necessary life changes to be the best you can be – Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

Learn about how to provide a healing environment and become whole again.

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